aeRO Downloads and Installation Guide

aeRO Mini Installer (Client Only):

Option 1 - Mini Installer v.4.0 (Main Site)
Option 2 - Mini Installer v4.0 with Patch included. (Mediafire)

aeRO Full Installer (W/kRO & RagRE):

Option 1 - aeRO Full Installer.exe 3.7 (Main Site)
Option 2 - aeRO Full Installer.exe 3.7 (Dropbox - Mirror)
Option 3 - aeRO Full Installer.exe 3.7 (Mediafire - Mirror)

aeRO for Android Phones (Beta)

Option 1 - AeroGaming 7.0 APK (2023-10-07)

Frequently Ask Questions

These are the lists of commonly asked questions when trying to install our installer.

You should run our installer with Administrator rights and privilege when running the installation. Issues ( in-game ) are not covered in this topic.

Commonly Ask Questions:

Issue: Got these error when patching "Header data broken: new_pal.rar" and "Fatal error new_pal.rar". It's my 1st time downloading the aeRO full installer.

Issue: I encountered error "Failed to get Patch3/patchlist.txt". What can i do to fix it?

Issue: Failed to move file (update.grf) to original path, temporary name is A-Patch/RO.grf

Issue: The code execution cannot proceed because blink32.dll was not found. Reinstalling the pgoram may fix this problem. Same for the ijl15, cps.dll, and granny2.dll

Issue: Invalid key in jikpatch.ini: executable.

Issue: You are using outdated licence file. Please, close the game and run updater.

Issue: I don't have a resolution on setup.exe on my pc. When i launch the game it is so small i cant figure to maximize it.

Question: Why do I need aeRO Mini Client Installer?

Question: Why do I need aeRO Full Client Installer?

Question: I'm not sure what to download, what do I need to do?

Issue: While downloading the Installer, it stops unexpectedly and my download file gets corrupted.

Issue: I got an error that says "the download has been timed out."

Issue: I got an error that says "the archive is in unknown format or damaged.

Issue: I got an error that says "this file contains invalid data."

Issue: I cannot install aeRO and it just stop in the middle of installation (installation failed - error 11FD)

Issue: I installed the aeRO Mini Client Installer. but unable to lunch aeRO.exe.

Issue: Unable to open aeRO.exe after installing the aeRO Full Client Installer.

Issue: Missing gepard.dll