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aeRO Downloads

Please choose which installer you need and you are comfortable with!

aeRO Mini Installer (Client Only):
aeRO Mini Installer v.2.0 (Mediafire)

aeRO Full Installer (W/kRO & RagRE):
aeRO Full Installer.exe (Main Site)
aeRO Full Installer.torrent (Mediafire)

2. Install aeRO inside your kRO/pRO folder. You can choose whichever folder you want, just make sure you have kRO or pRO files installed inside. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, please don't install it inside the Program Files. If problems still persists please visit the forums for support.

3. Finish installation. Run Patcher at the end of the installation process. Click START GAME in the aeRO Patcher to launch the game. Then, that's it! You're ready to enter the world of aeRO Ragnarok Online. Enjoy Playing!!!
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