255 to 265 Quest

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NOTE: This quest is ONLY available in Mayaan Server & upon completion of the Askydun Quest (click)

Where to find the NPC


Quest requirment needed to obtain the 265 quest

7169.gif 25x Bagua (obtainable from Dark Snake Lord/Evil Snake Lord(MVP)

7562.gif 5x Ice scale (obtainable from Ktullunux (MVP)/ Note: its easier to get this item in Old Blue Box just be patient

7291.gif 5x Agate (obtainable from Archangeling(Mini Boss)

7211.gif 5x Fragment of Rossata Stone (Obtainable from Amon Ra (MVP)

7451.gif 5x Dragon Scale (Obtainable from Detale/Detauderus (MVP)

7563.gif 5x Bloody Rune (Obtainable from mobs in Rachel Sanctuary)

2700.gif 5x Red Silk Seal (Obtainable from White Lady/ Bacsojin (MVP)

  • You can use RateMyServer to search the following requirements for the quest.