Alucard Quest

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Alucard Sunglasses

Favored sunglasses of the legendary vampire Alucard, often refered to as the "No Life King". It is said that his chaotic nature lives on in these glasses. +15% Chance of causing Chaos when attacking, +15% Chance of causing Blind when attacking, +15% chance of causing Curse when attacking

Alucard Sunglasses.png

Alucard Sunglasses NPC



Unnamed.png5x Requiem Card

Unnamed.png5x Familiar Card

Unnamed.png2x Magnolia Card

Unnamed (1).png5x Lokis Whisper

Unnamed (2).png1x Fashion Sunglasses

Unnamed.png1x Dracula Card

Location: Niflheim Town (218, 169) > Inside Niflheim (32, 100)