COVID-19 Event

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COVID-19 Event

"The COVID-19 Event was made in connection with the current situation our world is facing right now. COVID-19 is a pandemic, a virus and a threat to all humanity, thus we are calling for brave players in-game who want to defeat this pandemic! For players to stop this pandemic they must destroy the very core, COVID-19 himself, but in order to defeat him, players must unite and be reminded always to use a face mask, to adopt physical distancing and to wash there hands thoroughly after encountering with this virus."

How to join

  • Anyone can join the event. An announcement will show up in-game that COVID-19 has respawned in any random towns. Anyone who is brave enough is called to defeat and stop COVID-19 in spreading its virus.
  • COVID-19 respawns every 4 hours upon death.


  • When COVID-19 is defeated there will be an announcement that he has been wiped out of town.


COVID-19 Himself


COVID-19 Drops

  • Better get lucky to obtain one of these rare drops to see full stats.
  • The virus drops the following items by a very low chance:
  • Ticket.gif Quarantine Pass

Quarantine Pass.png

  • 1469.gif Pandemic[4]


  • 1367.gif State of Calamity[4]

State of Calamity.png

  • Whitesmith card.gif COVID-19 Card