Deadeye Quest

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" A very good long range and support weapon. This weapon is very weak in close quarters due to it's slow fire and large size. However, if it has the time it needs it can cause massive damage to the enemy "



Item Description

        NOTE:  Deadeye has now 2 slots, making the weapon even more powerful!
  • Effect:

- High chance to cause bleeding on the enemy

- Long Range

- Pierces DEFF

- Slightly slows movement speed

- Increases Hit Rate

- Gives Falcon Mastery Skill

- Gives user level 2 Detecting

- +400% Damage with tracking skill

- Grants bash skill level 7

  • Class: Weapon
  • Equipped on: Both Hands / Two Handed
  • Attack: 77
  • Weight: 150
  • Applicable Job: Gunslinger

How to obtain this item