Disguise Event

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Disguise Event NPC

  • This event is a GM automated event which will only be held upon the GM's will.
  • The NPC will make an announcement 5 minutes before the event starts. This event is held slightly above the upper center of Poring Market, where you will see the Disguise NPC with a small grid cleared around him. Once the event begins, this NPC will disguise randomly into a Monster for a couple of seconds. In your regular chat box, type in as fast as you can the exact name of the monster! The person that says the name first correctly wins the round. If nobody can guess the correct name within a short time, the round will end and the correct answer will be revealed, moving on to the next monster.


NPC Location: Poring Market ( poring_w02 ) 99, 89.


  • [Mayaan and Turbo Server] If you answered it correctly you can get either Coupon.gif 1x Coupon or 10 PVP points (any of the two at random) for each round.
  • The event will lasts up to 15 rounds.