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Stripe (Master Card, Credit Card)

This will probably the best and easiest way to donate. You can instantly purchase items right after you send your money through stripe. As we keep updating our service with stripe, your can rely on us about your information. Your security is our main priority. Our site is running with https, so every information that sends between you and in our server is encrypted.

Stripe Just click I agree, choose the donation amount in the drop down list, put in your credit card information, voila! you will be able to get your donation credit points after the transaction. No waiting time.

Western Union

The minimum donation is $20

1$ USD = 1 DCP( We will wave the charge fee by adding extra 10 dcp to your account.)

Steps to donate in Western Union Agent

1. Go to any Western Union Branch/Agent. You must bring an Identification Card(I.D.) or any thing that can verify your identity.
If you want to know the nearest Western Union Branch/Agent in your Area Click Here for their Branch/Agent Locator.
2. Get a form for "sending money". You can ask assistance from your Western Union branch.
3. Fill up the Form with the following information:
Receiver's Last Name: Baguio, First Name: Adrian Roy, Middle Name: A.
Receiver's Street Address: Ponytrail Dr.
Receiver's City Adress: Mississauga
Receiver's State: Ontario
Receiver's Country: CANADA
Senders/Your Full Name
Senders/Your Country+City or put your whole Address but you can choose not to.

You can send any currency but tell them that the receiver want to receive it as United States Dollar(USD).

They might ask for your Mobile or Phone Number as well but that is optional. They will ask what is your relation to the receiver, just say a friend(they might not understand if you said donation or something lol so just say Friend.).

fill up the form and gave it along with the money to the Western Union Staff, wait for a while till they give you your sending receipt.

5. Click Here and fill up/submit the form according to the receipt.

To avoid delays, make sure that the information you will send to us is the same information you put and or saw in the Money Transfer/Sending Receipt.

You will get your donation after seven days. After we verify and receive your Donation, you will get the appropriate Donation Credits as a Token of our appreciation. We'll ensure that we'll use your donation in good ways, to improve and maintain the server.

(If you are having trouble with this guide, please email for assistance)