Donation Donkey

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Who is the Donation Donkey?

"The Donation Donkey is no ordinary donkey, but it is the item redeemer NPC in game. It offers features which can be used by players who have helped and supported the game through Donations."


Features of the Donation Donkey

  • Players can redeem any reward item/s given to them by aeRO Management or items they purchase at the aeRO Shop.

PODPOD.png POD.png

  • Players can also add element to their 1530.gif Mjolnir or 1261.gif Infiltrator (these two exclusive weapons only) using 6024.gif aeRO Diamond which can be obtained by item purchase at the aeRO Shop or through in-game purchase from other players.

AAD.png AD1.png

Where is the Donation Donkey?

  • Players who wish to use the features of the Donation Donkey can locate him in almost all cities and town in Rune Midgard. The Donation Donkey is already visible upon warping, and it usually beside or near the Healring NPC.