Last Man Standing (LMS)

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Last Man Standing ( LMS ) Event

  • The Last Man Standing Event is a multiplayer deathmatch gameplay. On this event, players will fight until only one is alive. The Aim of a player in a Last man standing match is to dispatch his opponents and remain the sole survivor.

How to join the event

  • The Announcement of the Last Man Standing Event will show up on the top of your screen.
  • Players can only register one account per computer, thus making multiple log-ins in one computer just to join the event impossible.


  • When the announcement showed up, you need to prepare in less than 5 minutes and you should register first to the Last Man Standing NPC ( All Job Manager ) located at Prontera City, Capital of Rune Midgard ( prontera ) 155, 178. Failure to meet the given time frame you cannot enter the LMS map.
  • Participants should meet the maximum level and base job level ( *999/80 ) for Turbo Server and at least level 99 for Mayaan Server to enter the LMS Map. Participation of Novice characters are prohibited.


*NPC Location: Prontera City, Capital of Rune Midgard ( prontera ) 155, 178.

  • If you're already inside the map, you have 10 seconds to be ready, Buffs your character and be ready for the Fight.
  • Some skills might not work inside the map ( eg. High Jump, Back Sliding, Teleportion etc. )
  • Parties will work inside the event but still you can defeat each other.

How to obtain the Price

  • Once you dispatch and defeat all the participants inside the map, the NPC for the price will show up in the middle of the map. You will be granted 100 PVP Points + your name will be announced as the winner.


  • If you died inside the map you will be warped into a place where you can get the consolation price of 20 PVP Points.