Mayaan Equipment Class Guide

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REMINDER: Do NOT insult other players' guides or challenge them to a duel and post a screenshot to humiliate others. If you are found to do this, your infraction will increase and you will object to a Disciplinary Action. - aeRO Gaming Team Wink.gifWink.gifWink.gif


  • Each links contains comments and suggestions from forum so you can also check those suggestions from the thread.
  • If you do have more suggestions about equipment guides or builds for classes that you're willing to share to other players, feel free to join us in " Discord "

Dicord Link:

Assassin Cross

Sinx1.gifSinx2.gif Assasincross.gifAssasincross2.gif Sinx3.gifSinx4.gif


Stalk1.gifStalk2.gif Stalker1.gifStalker2.gif Stalk3.gifStalk4.gif


Pally1.gifPally2.gif Paladin1.gifPaladin2.gif Pally3.gifPally4.gif

Lord Knight

Knight1.gifKnight2.gif Lk1.gifLk2.gif Knight3.gifKnight4.gif

Clown / Gypsy

Tarot1.gifTarot2.gif Clown1.gifClown2.gif Tarot3.gifTarot4.gif


Snipe1.gifSnipe2.gif Sniper1.gifSniper2.gif Snipe3.gifSnipe4.gif


Profe1.gifProfe2.gif Prof1.gifProf2.gif Profe3.gifProfe4.gif

High Wizard

Wizard1.gifWizard2.gif Wiz1.gifWiz2.gif Wizard3.gifWizard4.gif

Creator ( Biochemist )

Demo1.gifDemo2.gif Creator1.gifCreator2.gif Demo3.gifDemo4.gif

Mastersmith ( Whitesmith )

Ws3.gifWs4.gif Ws1.gifWs2.gif Ws5.gifWs6.gif


Asura1.gifAsura2.gif Champ1.gifChamp2.gif Asura3.gifAsura4.gif

High Priest

Priest3.gifPriest4.gif Priest1.gifPriest2.gif Priest5.gifPriest6.gif


Ninja1.gifNinja2.gif Ninja3.gifNinja4.gif

Soul Linker

Taekwon1.gifTaekwon2.gif Linker1.gifLinker2.gif

Star Gladiator ( Taekwon Master )

Taekwon1.gifTaekwon2.gif Sg1.gifSg2.gif


Gs1.gifGs2.gif Gs3.gifGs4.gif