Moonlight Hat Quest

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Moonlight Hat

A hat created with the monster Moonlight Flower in mind. It is said that it uses 30% of Moonlight Flower's fur, and 70% of Nine Tails fur. Note that you should only use hand washing to clean it. Wear this with your Nine Tails scarf for the perfect winter fashion! DEX +2 Has a chance of auto-casting Level 1 Increase Agility when attacking.


Moonlight Hat NPC


PH Time: 1:16 PM / 9:43 PM


Unnamed.png8x Moonlight Flower Card

Unnamed(1).png4x Ninja Suit

Unnamed(2).png1x Kakashi Headband

Unnamed(3).png4x Angel Wing

Unnamed(4).png800x Wing of Dragonfly

Location: Gonryun Town (156, 216)