Proof of Donation (POD)

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What is Ticket.gif Proof of Donation (POD)?

"It is basically a donation card used to upgrade to +10. Players can upgrade any equipment they want, even those equipment that has a description "Cannot be destroyed, except on upgrade attempt. It basically ensures players that there item will be instant +10, no sweat."

How to obtain this item

  • This can be obtained by item purchase at the aeRO Shop or through in-game purchase from other players.


How can players use this item

  • Players who wish to use their Ticket.gif Proof of Donation (POD) may approach the Donation Donkey which can be located in almost all cities and town in Rune Midgard. The Donation Donkey is already visible upon warping, and it usually beside or near the Healring NPC.


  • Make sure that Ticket.gif Proof of Donation (POD) is in your inventory, then players can now proceed talking to the Donation Donkey to refine their equipment.
  • After successfully refining enjoy your new +10 Equipment.