Quincy Bow NPC

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Mr. Quincy


*NPC Location: Geffen 140, 70
  • Once you have the Alarm Mask from " Muscle Man " from Al De Baran, Talk to Mr. Quincy located at Geffen Town 140, 70 and he will ask you to bring the following requirements.


Alarm.gif 1x Alarm Mask

Annoyed.gif 1x Annoyed Mask

Goblin.gif 1x Goblin Mask

Goblinleader.gif 1x Goblin leader Mask

Smile.gif 1x Mr. Smile

Scream.gif 1x Mr. Scream

Poker.gif 1x Poker Face

Surprised.gif 1x Surprised Mask

Immaterial.gif 5,000x Immaterial Arrows

Sharp.gif 2,000x Sharp Arrows

Rosary.gif [1] 1x Rosary

  • You can use RateMyServer to search the following requirements for the quest.