Reduce in game delay using Pingzapper

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to use PingZapper with aeRO.Wink.gif

A. How to register an account:

Step 1. Go to PingZapper website for you to be able to register and download their program.

Step 2. Download the app and while it's being downloaded, click on Sign up now! to register.
Dl sign.jpg

Step 3. Make sure that you remember the username that you used to register with PingZapper. It might get you confused later.
Account signup.jpg

Step 4. Go back to your inbox and check for any email confirmation from PingZapper. Once you receive the email just confirm your account
Step 5. Once you have confirmed through the link they sent,

Email confirm pz 2.jpg
it will automatically send you to your account then click on Activate Trial
Activate trial.jpg

Step 6. After clicking on Activate Trial, it will open up a new tab and will redirect you to Steam's website. Click on create an account(see pic)
Steam initial.jpg

Step 7. Wait for the confirmation email. Just refresh your inbox and check for the confirmation email. Once you got it, just confirm the account creation.
Step 8. Once you've confirmed the email from Steam, it will automatically activate your free trial with pingzapper.
Success pz.jpg

B. How to run aeRO with PingZapper:

Step 1. Install the downloaded file from pingzapper.
Install pz initial.jpg

Step 2. Once done, it will ask you to login. Use the account that you created earlier.(Use the pingzapper account not the steam one)
Login pz.png

Step 3. Then, click on the + button as seen below to add your favorite online game, aeRO.
Pz initial.jpg

Step 4. Click on the "Add Custom Game" button.
Pz setup ro.png

Step 5. On this window, just type in a name that you want to show on your application(mine says aeRO), and on the "Main Game File", click on the box and navigate where your aeRO.exe is. Then click on next.
Pz aero.jpg

Step 6. You will get this window, just click on the Finish button and you're done.
Pz account almost done.png

Step 7. On the main window, slide the switch to "On".
Pz on.jpg

Step 8. Congratulations! You're done!.

Note: Do not run aeRO.exe using ping zapper it will give you an error. Just open aeRO.exe as you always do and it will automatically connect to the PingZapper client.