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What is Run for your life Event?

"Just run! Don't look back! Zombies are coming to eat your brain."

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Event Mechanics

  • There will be an official announcement that a Game Master (GM) will conduct a Run for your life event. This announcement will be made in there Official Website, Facebook page or Discord so players will be guided.
  • Only a level 1 Novice is allowed to participate. Participating players are required to make a new character with only the freebie 1201.gif knife and 2301.gif Cotton Shirt equipped or unequipped. Players who violate this rule is automatically disqualified.
  • Players will be given 3 minutes to join the event. Players who want to participate must warp to Prontera and they will be automatically warped to the event map.
  • The event lasts until a winner is proclaimed or even no winner.
  • In this event, participating players will cross maze full of zombies. Players must walk as fast as they can so that zombies will not hit them.
  • Players who are hit by a zombie will die instantly and will be warped out of the event map.
  • The first player who successfully cross the maze from start to finish line without being hit by a zombie win's.

How to join the Event

  • When the announcement appears that a Game Master (GM) has started the Event, players must warp to Prontera to join the event.


  • The Run for your life is a special event the rewards and prizes are determined by the aeRO Management.
  • Consolation prize of 20 PVP Points will be given to non-winners.