Slotted Sunglasses Quest

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Sunglasses [1]

"Glasses with special, darkened lenses that block ultraviolet light."


     TIPS: Sunglasses [1] is the easiest quest to do specially if you badly needed a slotted Mid Headgear. Good quest to do for new players and some who needs this.

Item Description

  • Effect: Increases resistance to Blind status by 5%.
  • Applicable Job: Every Job
  • Class: Mid Headgear
  • Weight: 10
  • Slot: 1
  • Server Availability: Mayaan and Turbo only

How to obtain this item

  • This can be obtainable through Quest
  • Talk to NPC Sunglasses Trade located at Alberta(alberta) 88, 193 and she will ask you to bring some items in exchange for an information


  • After talking to NPC Sunglasses Trade she will tell you to go North of Morroc to look for NPC Maseph located at Sograt Desert(moc_fild07) 334, 187 and she will ask you to bring a Sunglass so that she can put slot on it.


Quest Requirements

733.gif 1x 1 Carat Diamond

Feathers.gif 50x Feathers

2201.gif 1x Sunglass[0]

410,000 zenny



Trade the quest items to NPC Maseph and enjoy your new slotted item.