War Over Rune Event

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What is War of Rune (WoR) Event?

"It is a battleground event where players are called to join and show there unity, skill and talent to fight for pride and honour! Participating players will be randomly placed into a team either Crips of Bloods. They have to fight for there respective teams"

Event Mechanics

  • All participating players will be warped to the battleground and their team will be chosen randomly.
  • They will be given enough time to prepare themselves before the event starts.
  • The event lasts for 20 minutes.
  • When a player kills his/her opponent, their team will get a point.
  • The team with the highest number of kills wins. Kill all players as fast and accurate as you can within the time frame to win.


  • Players who kill someone from the opposing team will get a 1 PVP Point per kill
  • After the event, the winning team will have a bonus of 50 PVP Points, while the losing team will receive only 10 PVP Points.

How to join the Event

  • Talk to NPC WoR Manager located at Prontera City, Capital of Rune Midgard(prontera) 142, 174 and he will ask you if you need help, just continue talking and join the WoR event.