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[Admin] Ba$her
December 12, 2019, 02:02:06 PM by [Admin] Ba$her
Views: 5714 | Comments: 33

Hello Folks,

As you know, I've tried my best to stop the macro users. But it seemed like everyone wanted to use it.

I came to the realization that it will be better to legalize macro. We have all grown up adults now and I think everyone can afford a gaming keyboard/mouse at this point in time.

It'll be fair for everyone if a macro is free to use. I'll be sharing some guides as well on how to create/use it to make sure everyone is going to benefit from these changes.

There is still some exemption though. Using macro on skills that causing lag such as desperado GC lag is still illegal and will get you banned.

Because of these changes, expect the skills Nerf to balance the server during WoE and PvP.

To those players that are in jail / or got banned for using a macro, you won't get out of jail / unbanned for free. You disobeyed and break the rule during your time and you will have to pay for the consequence.

Using a macro to spam skills is allowed only in Turbo server. You are not permitted to use in Mayaan, Eternal and Classic server.

Also, it is still not allowed to use a macro for autopilot and for hunting items in the game.

Thank you and happy gaming to all! If you have any questions regarding this feel free ask it here.

 ;) ;) ;)
[Admin] Ba$her
December 06, 2019, 01:47:59 AM by [Admin] Ba$her
Views: 6030 | Comments: 4

Change The Free Yggs NPC to +10 Foods NPC. (Turbo)
Removed slot to the Music Ring. As it makes other donation item useless (Flu mask, Black Gangster Scarf etc.). (Mayaan)
Added Classic server to our website (To view account/characters information). (Classic)
Change Server rate to 8x/8x/3x (Classic)
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