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aeRO Gaming Artificial Entertainment!
[Admin] Ba$her
October 17, 2018, 08:11:40 PM by [Admin] Ba$her
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Halloween Quest is here!
[Admin] Ba$her
September 25, 2018, 04:08:42 PM by [Admin] Ba$her
Views: 5089 | Comments: 53

Im in the final stage of finalizing the update. Patching your client is required to be able to connect to the servers. Otherwise you'll not be able to connect.

Whats with the new update?

- use new version protector. It help with false detections of antiviruses.
- block the latest paid cheats
- has a lot new methods of detection cheat methods
- server side code create SQL tables and config automatically
- blocks some specially prepared chat messages which cause crash of game client
- fixes problem with "Warsaw" security module. EXE without Gepard doesn't start with this module. It is most important for players from Brazil
- crash log has additional info(loaded GRFs, loaded & missing resources, last sent/received packets). It can help to find the reason of crash
- build-in command "!vsync" to remove limit of FPS
- build-in command "!crash" to generate crash log. Sometimes it helps to detect libraries which cause problems

So hold your horses and wait for my further announcement.

aeRO GM Team

 ;) ;) ;)
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