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Eternal / [Christmas + Birthday Blowout Event]
« on: December 24, 2014, 09:43:42 AM »

Seasons Greetings,

    in line with our christmas season, this month is also my most special day  8)  my BIRTHDAY . . . on December 27, 2014 we'll be having a special event made possible by our Beloved Admins to celebrate christmas and also my birthday. we'll be having a part-by-part event starting from 2pm ( philippine time ) onwards.. these events are as follows;

1. The Classic Hide and Seek with some twist

- players are tasked to find me from all over rune midgard ( ash vacum maps not included and dungeons )
- players then need to enter the Public Chatroom i'll create and enter the phrase " Happy Birthday GM "
- there will only be 3 players who will receive these following prizes;
  > 10,000pcs yggdrasil berry
  > 10,000pcs poison bottle
  > 1 headgear based on the order of winners
          3rd placer - red deviruchi hat ( 5227 )
          2nd placer - dragon skull ( 5292 )
          1st placer - wind milestone ( 5466 )

2. MVP storm shower

- as the name suggests it's a massive MVP instant summon even
- MVPs will be changed randomly from these set of monsters;
  > Tao Gunka ( #1583 )
  > Thanatos Phantom ( #1708 )
  > Gloom Under Night ( #1768 )
  > Fallen Bishop Hibram ( #1871 )
  > Dark Lord ( #1272 )
  > Golden Thief Bug ( #1086 )
  > and some boss like Naght Sieger ( #1956 ) / Entweihen Crothen ( #1957 ) and if possible, a nidhoggr's Shadow ( #2022 )

3. Disguise Event ( HARD MODE )

- i'll be disguising myself as a monster and all you need to do is guess the ID number of the monster i transformed into.. first to get inside the Private chatroom wins.. . it's that simple... prize will be only one... and there will only be 4 winners of a +10 equipment of choice ( unrefinable items not included )

so be present! ^_^ and Happy Holidays Eternal Elites!

Eternal / aeRO Eternal Server's Future Event Proposals
« on: February 17, 2014, 10:17:34 AM »

aeRO Eternal Server's Future Event Compilations[proposal]
aeRO Eternal Legendary Fighters Event

- it will be a bracket pvp between all 3rd class characters but with a twist. . . they will clash with their SAME branch class for the title " Legendary Fighter".

- the rules are simple, same jobs, no healing aid restrictions, no boss cards equipped, no equipment limitations.

- no repeating players. . meaning once you joined a sura vs sura match, you cannot compete for the other job classes. that is why registration is per FB account(must be legit)

- lag will not stop the match, disconnection will not stop the match, once the match is started, players are to comply to the standard rules of the match.

- the match will only restart if the disconnection is due to a server problem and the like.

- the Marshall's decisions are final.

- once a class vs class match is finished, the winner will receive one of this prizes depending on your class. this will serve as your unique insignia to commemorate your triumph and to distinguish your dominance between your job class;

1. Dip Schmidt Helm - Royal Guard Class (item ID# 5757)

2. Mitra - Arch Bishop Class (item ID# 5747)

3. Rune Circlet - Rune Knight Class (item ID# 5746)

4. Sniper Goggle - Ranger Class (item ID# 5748)

5. Driver Band - Mechanic Class (item ID# 5749)

6. Shadow Handicraft - Shadow Chaser Class (item ID# 5750)

7. Maestro Song's Hat - Minstrel Class (item ID# 5751)

8. Midas Whisper - Genetic Class (item ID# 5752)

9. Magic Stone Hat - Warlock Class (item ID# 5753)

10. Silent Executor - Guillotine Cross Class (item ID# 5755)

11. Blazing Soul - Sura Class (item ID# 5754)

12. Wind Whisper - Sorcerer Class (item ID# 5756)

13. Dying Swan - Wanderer Class (item ID# 5758)

>>> Additional prizes for the champions are:
[1pc. equipment of choice upgraded to +10]
[100pcs. yggdrasil berry box]
[5pcs. token of siegfried box]
[2pcs. megaphone box]
[20pcs platinum coins]


Eternal / aeRO Eternal Server Valentine's Day Event
« on: February 08, 2014, 04:11:26 AM »

"Hollow Love"

As i went down on louyang dungeon exploring. ..

I suddenly stumble upon a beautiful lady.. . My heart skipped a beat seeing her beauty. . .

But suddenly another guy laid eyes on the lady, but not to admire her but to kill her

. . . it may sound weird but i fell in love on that moment she appeared in front of me. .

But after seeing what that guy did, i came to realize that it was a Ghost of a beautiful lady way back before i was born . . . .the ghost were roaming around searching for her lover that was separated during a Big war 100 years ago . . .
She cast off 6 parts of her heart all over rune midgard to lead the missing lover back to her..the only way to reunite them back together is to collect all the missing 6 pieces of her heart all over rune midgard.. . The memories of her lover is in the heart pieces.. .find it and i will reward you with something from the bottom of my heart . . .

- Amber the Adventurer

- mechanics on the event will be posted on the upcoming days . . . it wont be that hard. . .

Eternal / [Eternal Mini event] Paint My egg O.o
« on: March 31, 2013, 12:03:46 AM »

Eternal Server's Mini Event : Paint My Egg!
[Easter eggs are special eggs that are often given to celebrate Easter or springtime. As such, Easter eggs are common during the season of Eastertide. In Christianity, they symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus. though an egg appears to be like the stone of a tomb, a bird hatches from it with life; similarly, the Easter egg, for Christians, is a reminder that Jesus rose from the grave, and that those who believe will also experience eternal life]

The Rules are simple:

players will race against time to gather the specific items required for my eggs to be colored (O.o not that eggs you are thinking)

i'll be handling my eggs(of course) and you'll be giving me the EXACT items needed to paint my egg :D

there will be a total of 3 eggs needed to be painted >.<

you'll need to find me in a specific map (to be announced at the start of the event) and 3 players must gather around me with the specific items in their hands...enter the pub(accessible by the 3 players including me only) and the first one to enter wins the first prize, following is the 2nd placer of course and the 3rd placer...[warning : if you've entered the pub in a faraway spot from me, chances are you are not getting any place in the winner's slots and you'll need to get closer to me and enter the pub again to regain your place :D ]


1. 1pc. Scarlet Dyestuff
2. 3pcs. Scell
3. 3pcs. Blue herb
4. 3pcs. Fabric
5. 10pcs. Paint Brush [cannot be traded (removed)]

[REMEMBER : this is a mini event only... the prizes are not that bigtime tho . . .]

Event time : 8:30 PM (GMT+8)
Place : aeRO Eternal Server

Prizes: [ wait what!?!!?  .. .  my egg hatches into a boss O.o ]

1st placer : Dracula Egg + 100m + Evolved Magician Hat[refined to +4 :D ]

2nd placer : Dark Snake Lord Egg + 50m + Baphomet Horns

3rd placer : Phreeoni Egg + 50m + Achromatic Wings

since its easter we'll be giving away a consolation prize :

for the 4th player that reaches and enters the PUB will receive a consolation prize: a Berzebub card + 50m in zennies

winners are posted and the event has ended.. Happy Easter Elites!! :D

Eternal / [Eternal Event] Kevin's Hide and Seek + Crack the PUB event
« on: October 10, 2012, 07:05:54 AM »
NOTE: this event was organized for the player.. By the Player of Eternal server..  :P  a non-GM event for short..

KEVIN's Crack the PUB + H & S Event

WHEN: Sunday ( Oct. 14, 2012 8pm PH time [GMT+8] )

Champion Chen ( will be the Main character that you will find )
Sonic Vendor ( the broadcaster in poring market for the event )

-41nohJ ( 2nd event prizes sponsor )


Grand Prize: Tiger Face[?]
Consolation Prizes:
1st consolation prize : 200m
2nd consolation prize :  Tiger Tail[?] 


Grand Prize: 500m
Consolation Prizes:
1st consolation prize: 200m
2nd consolation prize:    Tiger Tail[?] 

The Rules Are Simple: (this is open to ALL players)

1. Players must be online when the event organizer announces the start of the event... the date and time will be based on his announcement in our Official Eternal Server Facebook Group

2. At the start of the Event, Players must find the event organizer on a random map ( everywhere in rune midgard of course.. excluding ash vacum, manuk & splendide fields)

3. The organizer will create a PUB in poring market, stating the place where he Hides himself... TAKE NOTE that you must wait for his PUB to announce the map before You come finding him.... or else you'll get lost :) this means that the @main command won't be used by the organizer during the event period

4. Disconnection and Network problems will not stop the Event... the organizer has the final decision


6. once you've found the organizer, you must enter his PUB by solving the JUMBLED words stated on the PUB (don't worry, the words are Ragnarok Online-Related)

7. The first player to enter the organizer's PUB will win the MAIN PRIZE the next 2 players that entered last will receive a CONSOLATION PRIZE..the winner must stay inside the PUB until the prize was given and the organizer tell them to leave the PUB, or else the first consolation winner will be the grand winner... the list of winners are in order when whoever cracked the PUB first, following the consolation prize winners....

      *in short - the first person to enter the pub is the grand prize winner, following him/her are the 1st consolation prize winner and the 2nd consolation prize winner...

8. After the First hide and Seek + Crack The PUB ended, the organizer will choose another random field or town in which the other players can have their next chance on winning another Prize...

THE PLAYER that won the MAIN PRIZE on the first Crack the PUB can't participate anymore on the next Crack the PUB, but the consolation prize winners CAN..

Winners will be Posted Here and in the Group page...

----------------------------------------BEST OF LUCK ETERNAL ELITES ---------------------------------------------

Mayaan Market / B> moonie
« on: September 30, 2012, 09:26:01 AM »
offer here :D

Eternal Market / B>Jampacked Tidal Shoes
« on: September 02, 2012, 08:47:48 AM »

nid so many!! i'll buy each one for 400k

if 20pcs = 10m

if 40pcs = 20m

if 60pcs = 30m

PM me Enma Cozato whenever im online  ;D

Eternal Market / S>deviling and dark illu
« on: June 12, 2012, 12:01:57 AM »

Dark illu card ( I have 3pcs.)
Devi (1pc. )

No interserver trade offers.. message me here or thru eternal server.. I'm online every last 30mins of woe..

Eternal Market / [GUIDE] Eternal Server market pricelists
« on: May 24, 2012, 02:09:30 AM »
 :) hope this thread won't be moved for the players, so that they won't have trouble finding it :)

Okay guys, I made this guide to help new players in eternal to prevent overpricing on some items in eternal server... I'll list down some of the most buyable items/equips here... feel free to comment and suggest cheaper prices (kung namamahalan lang kayo :) )

Equips (no ups,freshly made or obtained):

1. Darkness Spirit - I prefer it 8~15m on +0
2. Skateboard - ranging from 7m~15m
3. Achromatic wings - sold for 10~15m
4. Angelish wing - since a requirement needed to create this is somewhat difficult, I suggest ranging it up to 30~45m
5. Tiger tail - can be sold for 15m
6. Tigerface - must be sold at 20m or higher.. but not over 40m
7. Valkyrie Armor- can be sold at 7m
8. Valkyrie Shoes - 5m below is enough
9. Valkyrie Manteau - about 9m ( more expensive if over ups just like in turbo XD )
10. Eagle Wing[1] - around 10m[as kevindeleus suggests] (obtain from thanatos)
11. Carrot whip ( ingredient for angelish wing ) - 1.5m below each
12. Orleans Glove - 20m (negotiable)
13. Diablos Armor - 8m
14. Diablos Robe - 7m
15. Diablos Shoes - 8m
16. Diablos Manteau - 15m
17. Sunglasses[1] - 3~5m
18. Dragonic head - 15~20m
19. Evolved magician hat - 25~30m
20. Feather of icarus - 5~10m
21. Naght sieger blade (blue) - 6m
22. Naght sieger blade (red) - 8m
23. Flame manteau of naght sieger - 15m

OTHERS (cards, etc.):

1. Emperium (for berzebub card) - 850k ~1.5m
2. Blade of darkness - 1.5m each
3. Berzebub Card - 25~30m
4. Drops card - 3m
5. Clock tower manager card - 10m
6. Old magicbook - 35k per piece
7. Dragon breath cocktail - 2m for those who are too lazy to hunt XD
8.  Agate & Turquoise ( for angelish ) - 1.5m each for both
9. Dark illusion Card - I sold it once for 300m XD and that's the actual price

If I missed any or some important items, feel free to reply and I'll edit this post. .

Is it cheap or overpriced?? Feel free to negotiate the pricelist that you want...

-prices are based on the difficulty/frequency  of obtaining it.. and the drop rate also matters here
-boos card prices removed, edited some price..
-prices are subject to change in-game without prioir notice..

Turbo Market / B> biotata costume
« on: October 30, 2011, 10:50:00 AM »
pm me nlng for offers

Eternal Market / B> eluniums
« on: May 15, 2011, 07:38:46 AM »
100pcs= ??? offer here... i'll quote you if you have the best offer  ;D

Eternal Market / B> carrot whips....
« on: May 14, 2011, 01:40:31 AM »
 :o  nid 3 batches of 50pcs. carrot whips... offer your price here per batch...

Eternal Market / B> +0 ulles cap
« on: March 01, 2011, 12:21:33 AM »
leave your offers here or mail me in game..

Eternal Market / Selling and buying
« on: February 17, 2011, 01:45:22 AM »
S> edge, variant, centipede larva card, sword guardian card, v.shields, katherine keyron card...

B> observation card, drops card

-ung mura lang at reasonable na price ang rereplyan.. xD

Eternal Market / S>HOB,Variant,BOD
« on: January 25, 2011, 11:20:39 PM »
HOB- i have 6 pcs.

Variant- i have 3

BOD- i have 5 pcs.

>offer nlng each...

IGN- EterNal SlumBer

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