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Author Topic: Market Section Rules  (Read 10782 times)

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Market Section Rules
« on: October 21, 2016, 08:30:33 AM »
Just to remind players that will be posting in Turbo Market section, or any other server market sections.

I have PM-ed some players and given them warnings about them bumping too often or bumping another player's topic.
Clearly stated in the Turbo Market rules, once you open the Turbo Market section, the first two topic is about the rules. Please don't ignore it and read it carefully.

I will clarify about the rules again:

-Having Multiple Threads
This is definitely not allowed; somewhat annoying and not helping anymore.

Pls remember that you can edit your previous posts subject if you wish to add or change something to what you are looking for/ selling or buying

Somehow if you think  that your thread has lots of pages already and you still want to add or change something from your post then could be such time you can make another thread but be sure it is way different from the previous one.

Warning System

-The following will earn you a 5% point infraction:
1. Bumping Topic almost every hour,bumping too much.

-The following will earn you a 10% point infraction:
1. Posting in tagalog.
2. Those bumping topics that they do not own.

The following will earn you a 20% point infraction:
1. Trashtalking or insulting staffs or other players.

I hope you take the time to read this.

Thank you.
All times I stated will be in +8GMT (Phillipines, Singapore Time Zone)
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