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Author Topic: Read This Turbo Market Rules  (Read 11838 times)

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Read This Turbo Market Rules
« on: May 01, 2012, 01:28:35 AM »
Dont Bump your Topic Every Min, dont spam on this section , make this useful .If nobody notices your post then  you can bump it every after 5 hours but by the topic starter only.[take note of that]

No Posting in Tagalog

Only the Topic Maker can Bump his/her own Topic. Do not Post False Items or pls attached to it proofs [but not edited] Screenshots.

Definitely trashtalks and unrelated posts are not allowed, otherwise your post will be closed and put to junk.

>>>> Warning System <<<<

The following will earn you a 5% point infraction:
Bumping Topic almost every hour,bumping too much.

The following will earn you a 10% point infraction:

posting in tagalog
also to those who will bump a topic they do not own.

The following will earn you a 20% point infraction:
for trashtalks and insulting staffs or other players as well.