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Ragnarok Announcement / Re: Gameplay Update 2021-08-01
« on: November 10, 2021, 12:09:45 AM »

Season 1
Episode 1 - Kage Hats Quests

Turbo PvP and Mayaan Server

8/1-An old man claiming to be a former Hokage has appeared.
8/5-There were reports of thunderstorms in Gonyrun town, but it's a sunny day.
8/10-Aren't we supposed to find KingKong in Skull Island? Guess what? It's that pervy old man again.
8/17-You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from. The old man found himself studying the art of "stop hitting yourself", and apparently it requires a pod.
8/23-'Cause when you're fifteen, somebody tells you they love you, you're gonna believe them. And when you're fifteen, feeling like there's nothing to figure out.'- The old man sang to a clearly underaged girl. He got slapped.

Hokage Hat[1]
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Hokage literally means Fire Shadow. The Hokage Hat is bestowed upon the strongest ninja in Konohagakure, the land of fire, the Hidden Leaf Village.

Int + 10
Reduce damage from demi-human monster by 5%
Increase magical damage against small and large sized enemies by 30%
Increase magical damage against medium sized enemies by 50%, but if Fallen Bishop Hibram Card is equipped it will only deal 30%.
Every time you do a Magical attack, it ignores 70% of Boss-type monster's MDEF, and does damage accordingly.
50% chance to drain enemy SP by 10% with magical attacks
Increase resistance against fire element attacks by 10%

Look for Matandang Mahilig NPC in the Ninja Guild for more information.

Raikage Hat[1]
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Raikage literally means Lightning Shadow. The Raikage Hat is bestowed upon the strongest ninja in Kumogakure, the land of lightning, the Hidden Cloud Village.

Agi + 10
Flee + 100
Movement Speed + 60 (does not stack)
Chance to autocast Level 5 Lightning Crash when using abilities
Enables use of Level 5 Lightning Loader Skill
Enables use of Level 5 Thunderstorm Skill

Look for the Kage Bunshin of Matandang Mahilig NPC somewhere in Gonyrun town for more information.

Mizukage Hat[1]
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Mizukage literally means Water Shadow. The Mizukage Hat is bestowed upon the strongest ninja in Kirigakure, the land of water, the Hidden Mist Village.

Increase resistance against Freeze Status by 100%
10% chance to freeze enemies when attacking
Enables use of Level 3 Attention Concentrate Skill
Enables use of Level 1 Storm Gust Skill
Increase damage of Water Ball Skill by 70%
70% chance to cast Deluge Level 3 when using Water Ball or Storm Gust Skill
Increase resistance against water element by 10%

Look for the Kage Bunshin of Matandang Mahilig NPC in the deepest parts of the undersea kingdom, beneath the island shaped like a skull.

Tsuchikage Hat[1]
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Tsuchikage literally means Earth Shadow. The Tsuchikage Hat is bestowed upon the strongest ninja in Iwagakure, the land of earth, the Hidden Stone village.

Str + 5
Vit + 5
Luk + 20
MaxHP + 10%
Reflect melee damage by half of the total refine rate
Increase dodge by 20 but lose 1 for every refine rate
Chance to counter with a petrifying attack when receiving physical damage
Increase resistance against earth element by 10%

Look for the Kage Bunshin of Matandang Mahilig NPC inside the Castle of the Dragon of the ancient Chinese town for further information.

Kazekage Hat[1]
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Kazekage literally means Wind Shadow. The Kazekage Hat is bestowed upon the strongest ninja in Sunagakure, the land of wind, the Hidden Sand village.

Look for the Kage Bunshin of Matandang Mahilig between trees that form a triangle in one of the sand fields.

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Your feedback is important to us. Let us know your thoughts regarding the latest update. If you have other ideas or suggestions, feel free to reply in this post. You can also reach out to us in our discord server https://discord.gg/EhP7cgjXCR. Have a great day aeRO Elites. It's 2021 and aeRO is still Kickin!!!  ;)

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