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Mayaan Market / GM auto trade vendors
« on: September 11, 2017, 02:44:22 AM »
Well It's Clean But I dont Know if its A GM's other account but The prices of these autotrade vendors are pulling down hunting Items Value For Example almost 6 months ago price of randris card was a stable 1B+ same with TGK but now its 200 to 250M. Yeah your making it easy to acquire Items but at the same time Push players to be lazy. Old Boss Hunters now are thinking Its easy to Woe and benifit to salary rather to hunt
Making The server a Ghost town
Here are the list of Prices that been gone down
Gloom Card, LKC = These card have been always used but the recent changes on the emperium it been neglected
TGKcard randris card and other Item of the vend on mayaan = price's were stable once but now are being pull down making it worthless to hunt and as a result killing the economy to small time player

Making it easy to acquire items by making it cheap Help beginner to play but its side effect is making them lazy to log in to hunt other items making it a ghost town

GM's Try to make the items OP to make the players hunt their own items and trade these items to other players.

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