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Mayaan Guild Chat / Black Propaganda Guild Hall
« on: May 16, 2011, 10:54:42 AM »
Guild Name: Black Propaganda
Guild Master: Allen Balba ~ IGN: Prosperesence / maw
Current server: aeRO [Mayaan]
Current Average level of Guildsmembers: 255/265
Presentation video: N/A

Back in April 2010, there was a guild called Unpopular. Unpopular was  Local guild created on the early days of new AeRO[mayaan]. It was aimed to be a family guild for normal players to chat, chill, and play. WoE was a casual event to Unpopular members at that time; Nobody gave any serious concern about guild power.
Until one day, they decided to merge a new one, for the purpose of creating a bigger community. At May 4, 2010 New guild name Black Propaganda was chosen after few days. This, is where our history officially started.
We are Black Propaganda. After the merger, we began our exploration in WoE and were able to discover many new things because of our passion. Nobody was expecting a serious problem to arise when the guild was doing so well.
There were some members who played competitively on one hand, and there were members who preferred to play casually on the other hand. For a month[not sure kng ilang buwan :)] we tried to keep this balanced.[Paborito ang Gondul na agit J]. And then one day “WaB” decided na itigil muna ang BP,then pinalipat sa guild ni cromb. And the guild name is :”BlueCulture”
And after few months, one day, one of the Pioneers “ix maw”, decided to attend the woe alone together with him the name of the guild “Black Propaganda”.
We did not die after guild split. Rather, we became more disciplined, motivated, and competitive than ever before.
We are a Local guild with members from many different parts of the Philippines. We are WoE based so active participation in WoE is a given requirement. You are not only expected to show up but also be prepared with hp/sp items and zeny. Everything should be done by your own free wills. I do not believe in performance by people who are forced to do something. AND YOUR ITEMS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!.
What We Do
BE WARNED! As of now, it would be true to state that we do not have any guild party.
Our Goal
Create the best community for our members so the members feel supported and belonged, and have lots of fun playing this game.
We recruit players who are ready to make sacrifices and commitments for their guild.Team>Individuals. Of course, one must have personal skills in order to be able to help his team (a fire fighter who has only the heart to save people but without the skills and knowledge will not succeed), so "know the game" is also an expectation of guild members. Those who are not yet ready WoE-wise but feel confident because of RO knowledge, skills, and/or experiences, are welcomed to apply.
We have some restrictions on character builds.
Linkers should have FS build with basic soul links and maxed Kaite and Kaupe and also eswoo
High Wizards should have SG and LOV instead of Meteor Storm, coz LoV can costs delays on sinx breakers
Professors should have FS build
Snipers should max Spring Trap, Ankle Snare, Sandman, Detect,Coma Build w/195 aspd and Dex Type Build for DS
Clowns and Gypsies should have TAROT and the typical songs/dances.
High Priests should have SW and Sanct at max level, either KE 10 or BSS, and WoE stats and should be FULL SUPPORT BUILD.
Champions should be full equips(scout the castles)
Lord Knights should have vit Bowling Bash build
Paladins should have FS build (Devotion or Gospel; or better yet, both)
Whitesmiths should have  Melt Down level 10 + full equip CT type
Creators should  WoE, AD+FCP or AD+ACP
Assassin Crosses should have WoE build, breaker or defender
Stalkers should moderate amount of dex, and Full Divest 5
You may join guild with your PvM char, but you must have another char with WoE-oriented build to play in WoE.
All members are expected to be active (in the week and in WoE), respectful, and constantly leveling. A trial period is given to every new member. If you are interested in joining us, follow these steps:
1. Make a reply to this thread including your char name, class, and level.
2. Read my "APPLICATION FORM" thread in the "Application" section of our Guild Forum.[ung guild forum wab??]
3. Write an application using the described format. All informations asked for are required to be given.
3. Wait for me to review your application.
4a. If you are accepted, PM one of the following people in game for invitation:
4b. If you are rejected, you may reapply in the future ONLY with my permission. You will have to ask me for it in game.
Have a nice day~
Regards: ix maw / Prosperesence

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