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Eternal / Hide, Seek, Bring Me, Crack my Pub Event [Difficulty: Extreme]
« on: August 25, 2011, 06:41:12 AM »
Date to be hosted: 8/28/2011
Time: 4:30 Server Time (4:30 p.m. +8GMT)
Rounds: 4 or more
Prize: Chosen by the Admin Himself
Rules: Race to the highest score.
You must find me 2 times to win the game. It'll be 3 times if someone found me two times without reaching the fourth round.
Example: If a player finds me in the 1st and 2nd round, the game would be extended. It would be race to 3 finds.
But if you found me pass the 3rd round for the second time, then you win.
A clearer example:
A Player founded on the 1st round, then he founded me again in the 3rd round, you need to find me one more time to win.
A Player founded me on the 1st round, then he founded me in the 4th round, then you win.
Meaning, the game won't end fast.
Oh, not this fast. Read Below.

You Need to Bring me Something from the said map. You will be told in-game what to bring

Suggestion: character which has fast speed or can transport location. Or some foods/buffs which increases your speed. Speed matters. Be sure to rotate(Hold right click then move your mouse) your Map to check out hard to seen places cause I hide good.  ;)

ROUND 1 (bonus hint)

Bring Me: 1 jellopy, 1 rainbow carrot, 1 fluff

As the round goes higher, its Difficulty would be harder

ROUND 2,3,4,...
Map:___ - To be told in game
Bring Me: ___ - To be told in game

Higher round = lesser hint

For finding me for the last time, so you think it's done? nope you still have last thing to do. You need to crack my pub to finish this game. I will make a pub if you're on the last part. I will give you 180 seconds time to guess the pub. In 240 seconds, i would broadcast my exact location, so that would give others chance to steal. So be quick or you'll be stolen a chance.
After a steal, another round would start until you have reach the needed points to end the game.

Crack the Pub could be one of these:
jumbled numbers/letters
missing letters/numbers

-Added difficulty: i can change to a Mob.
-After each round, you have 3-5 minutes break to get yourself ready for the next round.

Cheating: Jail

First round was already hard, due to its large map. but someone has got sharp eyes:

-it was suppose to show me item, but i just found out i can't deal with them, and they can't deal with me.

took around 10 minutes for the first round.
Winner: Binladen

at the Dark Place of Thor Dungeon, Bring me 5 Flame Hearts

YuKii was supposed to win this round but brought the wrong item.

took around 10 minutes for the 2nd round
Winner:BLUE prints

In the lower left of Moscovia Town, Bring me 5 Butterfly Wing, 10 Fly Wing

Even i've hidden in a hard to find place, he found me! took 7 minutes
Winner:Mga BLue ASan kau

In one of the mid-houses in Lighthalzen Town, Bring me Geek Glasses

He found me again, but too bad he hadn't cracked my pub. Took 34 minutes
Winner: v2 N u e v e

Continuation of the event:
prt_abbey, quest to get the great demon bapho horns. Bring me: 10 yoyo tails

This guy has sharp eyes, round ended in 6 minutes.
Winner: CyBoRg

gonryun field 1, monster of zipper bear and baby leopard. Bring: 5 leopard claw, 10 garlets

WARGODS should have won in this round, but he said he accidentally clicked on the fly wing. Round took around 5 minutes.
Winner:  Eye Of The Gods

payon town, green town. Bring: 1 Opal

First to find me: CyBoRg 2nd:WARGODS so its time to crack the pub. It took two minutes for someone to crack this pub (requested by players to make it easier), He luckily stole a point for this. Roundtime: 8mins
Winner: Eye Of The Gods

Final Screenshot:

Event Winner: Eye Of The Gods

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