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Ragnarok Server Changelogs / Re: aeRO Eternal Changlog
« on: April 10, 2011, 06:58:03 PM »
Updated up to April!
Cheers  :P

Ragnarok Server Changelogs / Re: Mayaan Changelog
« on: April 01, 2011, 08:07:54 AM »
Updated to April 1!

Rules and Regulations / Forum Policy Update
« on: March 26, 2011, 02:49:05 PM »
Additional Facts for aeRO Forum Policy.

Lets start with the good news first.
Since we are always good to our community,
If you are not warned within last 24 hours,
We will reduce the warning level into 1.
So basically, even you get muted by the staff, you have the chance to changeyourself and will be muted in a specific period of time. This does not apply in ban cases.

On the other hand, If you get more than or equals to 10 Warning level by aeRO Staff,
your user account will be put in *watch*

Also the user cannot post any further when you reach more than 60 Warned by aeRO Staff.

Please obey the rules and regulation in aeRO. I guarantee that you won't get any problem with aeRO Staff.


Ragnarok Server Changelogs / Re: Old School changes
« on: March 13, 2011, 12:06:23 PM »
Updated to March 13 2011

Ragnarok Server Changelogs / Mayaan Changelog
« on: February 19, 2011, 08:27:53 AM »
07/09/11  - [GM] Ba$her
Added shop on War Over Rune being tested in Mayaan
Inside the War OverR,there'll be a shop that sells many useful stuff, like Glistening potions awakening berserk especially Yggdrasilberry. Prices are subject to changes. These are just my suggestion.

05/15/11  - [GM] Ba$her
Modify Aristocratic Arch Angel/Crimson Red Arch Angel to match the requirements.
Fixed item given attributes.
- Modify Deadeye quest requirements, also added Cutlass, Havoc and Sweeper guns quest.

04/27/11  - [GM] Crap
LOV/ Thunderstorm Damages now stack
Added Berryexchanger

Old Mayaan skill setting is back!

Doppelganger effect adds 10% more ASPD for all jobs exept Paladin.
25% to Paladin and 35% for any other jobs! Enjoy!

Assassin Link Active Nerfed.
Double Strafe, bug fix, Set twice stronger of its original damage.
Spiral Priece increased more damage.
Shadow Poring Card Nerfed, gives 10% Additional Damage to Champion and Assassin Cross and 45% to the rest job.

Some cards/items changes! for better balance gaming experience! Cheers!
Amon ra Card
 * [Base Intelligence = 255]
   o Add a chance of auto casting Level 10 Kyrie Eleison is increased to 10%.
   o The percentage increase of Kyrie Eleison is scaled. For example, 177 INT = 6.5% to auto cast, etc.

 Archangeling Card
 * Base Lucky must be >= 105 to receive the effect.
 * Maximum HP + 3000, instead of 300.

 Assassin Cross Card
 Receives 30% more damage from Water, Earth, Fire, Wind, Poison, Holy, Dark, Ghost and Undead elements.

 Attroce Card
 * ATK + 125, instead of 25

 Drake Card
 * Adds a chance to cast a random level of Critical Wounds when attacking.

 Eddga Card
 * will no longer have an HP penalty when used.

 General Egnigem Cenia Card
 * This card will now add additional HP and SP by base level.
 * The HP and SP regeneration rates have also been increased by 10000.

 High Priest Card
 * Increase resistance to Freeze and Stun by 80% and additional damage of holy light by 50%
 Sniper Card
 * When attacking, there is a 5% chance that the attack will pierce Pneuma

 Item Part

 Condensed Red Potion
 * SP Healing effect increased to 100-150 SP

 Condensed White Potion
 * Healing effect increased to 1250-1750 hp.

 Condensed Yellow Potion
 * Healing effect increased to 750-1000 hp.

 Orange Potion
 * Healing effect increased to 300-500 hp.

 Red Potion
 * Healing effect increased to 150-200 hp 

 White Potion
 * Healing effect increased to 1000-1500 hp

 Yellow Potion
 * Healing effect increased to 500-750 hp

HP of emperium has been increased to balance with all jobs without killing the emp within seconds.

Updates will be made soon.

For more ideas or dislike and want to add some changes, please post it over here

Ragnarok Announcement / Re: 2011 Guild VS Guild
« on: February 14, 2011, 09:58:47 AM »
To register your guild send an INBOX to [GM] Ajax using this code below:
Code: [Select]
[u]Guild/Clan Name:[/u] "aeRO GM Team"
[u]Emblem:[/u] [IMG]http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm117/ajax_2008/5380je0.gif[/IMG]
[u]Server:[/u] Old-Mayaan

Best of luck Ellites!

Ragnarok Server Changelogs / aeRO Eternal Changlog
« on: February 06, 2011, 05:32:29 PM »
Updates in aeRO Eternal server!

Demonic Fire - Change to unlimited stack and depends on players dex.
Fear Breeze - Now depends on players dex.
Wing Claw Requirements change into 500x Claw of Deserver Wolf, 200x Claw of monkey, 100x Claw of Rat, 1x Lord of Dead Card, 5x Merman Card
Mandragora skill delay change into 2 seconds per use.
Thorn Trap change from 5 to 10 limit and 2 seconds delay per use
Adoramus change is now 0 seconds delay, better challenge for Arch Bishop aka Battle Priest.

Yggdrasilberry and Yggdrasilseed drop rate change into 100%.

Fix the Dragon Breath skill bug.

Skill delay set to 0! and disabled the status timer to reduce lag.

Due to the population of Eternal, It will be more challenge
of having WoE set up into 1 castles only, Kriemield. Server updates skills etc, and teleporting of the monster has been decreased.

Max level up to 450!
Experience rates raise up to 8000x/8k!
Drop rates will still remain! aeRO Eternal is considered as low rate server.
3rd jobs and Baby 3rd job are now available to use!
Askydun implemented(Hidden Quest)
New quest items are provided by santa in poring market.

Furthermore updates will be release soon! So all aeRO Elites hold your horses!. If you have suggestion for balancing and can make the gaming experience better please post it up here

Ragnarok Server Changelogs / aeRO Turbo changelog
« on: October 08, 2010, 11:25:52 PM »
08/16/11  - [GM] Ba$her
- Juggernaut Drops changes, 50% chance of drops for Bowsershell and aeRO Coin, and 10% drop for Juggernaut Card
- Added Shop inside WOR that sells yggdrasilberry, this will enchance the gameplay, reduce idle players cause no berries.

07/14/11  - [GM] Ba$her
Omega Arch Angel and Omega Dark Angel given stats bug fixed.

07/11/11  - [GM] Ba$her
My deeply apologize about the released that had been rejected by aeRO administrations the items including Tiger Face, Tiger Tail, Achromatic Wig, Angelish Wing, and Wing Claw. The reason is that our main target is to follow the old aeRO System, which has no BIG WINGS that ruin the image of our server. Well, this is still implemented in aeRO Eternal so if you like the those wings, then you can freely see this items in Eternal. Anyways before losing my track, for those people who work hard for this item, or had been sold, you now can gather 500 Million zeny from the items stated above.

Also this has been changed a while ago and I forget to mention. Lighthalzen, and the warp going to Amon-ra, and Valkryie Rangris(Odin Temple Level 3) are now not possible. You now must go to the entrance and start walking, this idea is from the old system of aeRO. So yea, its more challenging and exciting, now to hunt MVP Boss. So yea good luck!

05/15/11  - [GM] Ba$her
Modify Deadeye quest requirements, also added Cutlass, Havoc and Sweeper guns quest.

04/27/11  - [GM] Crap
LOV/ Thunderstorm Damages now stack
Added Berryexchanger

New Items release.
- Edited items Brisingamen added 10% damage of Acid Demonstration (Credited to Bringer)
- New Quest items added in poring market.

Ragnarok Server Changelogs / Old School changes
« on: September 25, 2010, 11:04:31 AM »
Floating rates change every hours! Base and job level F.Rates --> 7000x to 10000x
while drop rate originally from 40x increases from 200x to 500x!
Happy Valentines! don't miss this chance and gather as many items as you can! don't forget to give some for your love once!

Freebies gods item is not accesible via WoE PvP and GvG. Megingjard, Sleipnir etc.

Set the castles into 5!
WoE Prize! for every castles!
Remove @commands in PvP.

More further updates,


aeRO Screenies / Re: GM of PYRO vs. GM of G o d z Battle
« on: June 02, 2010, 03:21:23 PM »
Topic closed.

Kindly use english for everyone to understand.

Ragnarok Announcement / Re: kRO Updates.
« on: May 22, 2010, 08:37:01 AM »
Refer to this guide how to unstuck your character.


aeRO Screenies / Re: aeRO name
« on: February 21, 2010, 11:47:47 PM »
Are you using full screen?

Turbo Market / Re: B> thana •NO OP• liv ur price here .. ^^
« on: February 17, 2010, 07:05:06 AM »
Then hunt Thanatos then. That more easy.


aeRO Screenies / Re: Pass aero Screenshot.. Omega Dupe..
« on: January 31, 2010, 05:36:05 AM »
2008 lol..

Ragnarok Announcement / Re: kRO Updates.
« on: January 23, 2010, 12:53:55 AM »
You don't really need this for now. You just need is to patch your patcher for you to able to connect.

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