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Ragnarok Announcement / Re: Server Update 2020-04-11
« on: April 09, 2020, 08:41:29 AM »
GM i wanna ask about tsinelas quest.. why is it that the requirements are too difficult to obtain or expensive but the effect is not that interesting? or maybe if its effect cant be change then make it more attractive to wear so aero people can do the quest. i ask all players frm turbo yet none tried the quest bcoz of its effect.. pls enlighten us.. thanks gm  ;) /ph

I thought it will be updated, but "someone" probably blocked the plan to improve it so we are stuck with a quest item with very expensive requirements and ugly ass effect that only Soul Linker class will benefit from.

Ragnarok Announcement / Re: Server Update 2020-04-11
« on: April 09, 2020, 08:37:48 AM »
I always have issues after every updates.

Failed to move file (update.grf) to original path, temporary name is A-Patch\RO.grf

What I do is to uninstall and reinstall the whole thing.

This happens everytime that I get to patch and then the game won't initialize. Please help!!!!!

close your client before updating.

Ragnarok Announcement / Re: New Quests
« on: July 26, 2018, 01:29:20 AM »
honestly it was beyond my control, when I received the items for testing I assumed it was for testing only. I wouldn't even mind if the items got taken away before the actual quests npc's are introduced and have me do the quests as well to obtain the items. I was showing it off in PvP, testing it out.. didn't even mind if others saw my equipment build.. because I showed it everytime someone asked, and I was weighing in pros and cons and forming adjustments in mind. I never thought the PD to be a problem, it has been there like ever since. It's even possible with GS, and their skills (1000%+) hurt so much more than DS(760%), remember Spread Shot (550% x 2)? And I was telling every one it will be out with the next update.. didn't know it was 30 minutes later.

Ragnarok Announcement / Re: New Quests
« on: July 25, 2018, 07:34:43 PM »

Ninja is so easy to kill, people just dont know how. Server Error was the sniper who can kill my ninja maybe 10-1 BEFORE implementation of Immortal Bow

No one complain about Tarot because clown gypse can only spam tarot which will not kill enemy as long as target has gtb and fp on; sniper on the other hand, Double Strafing is enough to waste target's ygg while target cannot even touch the sniper because of sniper's Flee and doge(dodge all melee atk),egtb(reduce all incoming magic and coma)- no matter long or short range will take no effect
and now napalm which force the target to use strong shield(another 20% damage).

EGTB is enough to make Sniper to stand its ground in pvp, why are we adding more defense in the weap?
EGTB is new and difficult to make, why dont we give it a trial run until more egtb is circulating in the server before implementing another item for sniper?(only few sniper has egtb yet so far)
 implementing two items for same class at same time will not help to measure one independent's impact to the server

before adding something that could impact the server's balance, maybe we should have a free access(freebie) to the item for 2weeks for trial purpose. Get feedback from actual players then WIPE out the item and make it a quest item

 errende ebecee card, rsx-0806 card.. and stat reset npc...

 i was unaware that sir basher implemented the items for quest soon after letting me use them for testing puposes and hype..

I gave server error a few tips.. but he's not unkillable. The sg's are not complaining.. the paladins neither, nor the clowns/gypsies.. Assassin cross class has always been the most versatile class.. there's always a way to kill every other class.

Maybe try to get it off your minds that snipers should be easy prey?

I am however thinking about suggesting to lower egtb's magic damage reduction to 50% from 75%, and at first I thought about reducing trigger rate for napalm, but given the concerns.. maybe the knockback effect should be removed too?

Wasting yggs lel. Never saw creators, ws, even to some extent LK's and the magic users complain about not being able to beat sinx's in a 1 on 1 situation. Even if you play those classes the best way possible they are at a disadvantage..

How am i supposed to introduce a modified brynhild now? How will the snipers be if new items for other classes come out? the future looks grim, if we wont let the meta change a bit. i was just asked to suggest ideas for new items. Im not really close with sir basher.. But you are, i'm actually always feeling quite timid whenever I submit new ideas. So maybe in this case, you are better suited to reason with him.

Ragnarok Announcement / Re: New Quests
« on: July 25, 2018, 07:50:06 AM »
Thank you for the criticisms..

I want you all to know that the PD bonus is not working on the bow. It gives 10 flee instead, which is miniscule. Suggested to completely remove it, like a week ago?

The 100 PD without LoI or fortune sword has always been there, and it's funny how there's a complaint now.

I however have also suggested to lower the trigger rate of napalm vulcan, there's actually a way to counter this, I wouldn't have added it knowing it would have completely destroyed ninjas.. rhy killed me twice gr, devi, cygnus, assumpt... and the napalm didn't him, but that's rhy. These are extreme situations, and can be countered by playing other classes to the extreme as well. The best possible use and combinations of available skills, items and buffs.

Honestly, the word "unfair" is quite triggering.. if there's data on Kill/Death ratio of snipers against ninjas.. maybe that could reflect what is so called unfair. Maybe it's fair that they walk in to pvp with grimtooth and shield.. spamming falcon assault, or thunderstorm with pika ears.

These are just 2 of the possible new items for the server... I have one or two for each class ready. So come on, be creative... Let the game evolve. If we are gonna kill the item now in favor of the 2 classes complaining.. Then the class gets buried again when something new for the other classes comes out..

Before I suggest items to Sir Basher, I always keep in mind the ff. Fun, and overall class balance.. come on? Don't you wanna see Asura Strike cause an earthquake?

Of course no one complains about Tarot.. it's pretty much the counter to everything. Even my sniper can't do shit against one. I just sat there, lose half my damage, lose all my buffs except blessing. Get it?

Ragnarok Announcement / Re: New Quests
« on: July 25, 2018, 02:17:15 AM »
Any opinions against the new Weapons? In my honest opinion, I think the bow received a little too much buff.

Please expound so we can suggest proper changes.

Ragnarok Announcement / Re: New Quests
« on: July 18, 2018, 03:35:02 AM »
Hey is this the quest item from those npc????ive notice before the quest is up some FRIEND send me this PICTURE and then the quest is ONLY updated and the mobs is LESS how can it be done less in 1 hour before the server is update this quest... ??? :-\ :-\ :-\ im curiuos by the way...

Hi, it's me. I made the scripts for the items.. hence, i was given the opportunity to test them out to check for bugs, if they are working as intended. I didn't do the quests. I was given the items. I believe there will be more exciting quests following these two.

Ragnarok Announcement / Re: New Quests
« on: July 17, 2018, 05:41:45 PM »
hmmm this sacred bag is 4slot?


Ragnarok Announcement / Re: Servers are up!
« on: July 11, 2018, 01:52:30 AM »
We were just chatting the other night...  :'(

Ragnarok Server Changelogs / Re: 4/18/2018 changes
« on: April 20, 2018, 01:01:50 PM »

it should be 6% on rinne right? now it become 5%?  :(  :(  :(

before it was

The Rinnegan literally means Samurai Eye.
Is said to be the most revered and
powerful of all the three great dojutsu.
Dexterity + 5 its ability is to
increase 6% of its Attack Power

it's 5% attack
and 5% damage vs demi human..

that's + 10.25%

Ragnarok Server Changelogs / Re: 4/18/2018 changes
« on: April 20, 2018, 01:48:24 AM »
talked to Sir Basher, he nerfed Rinne to give 5% attack, and damage to demi-human instead of 7%... and I guess Sharingan will remain as it is.

Ragnarok Announcement / Re: Required Patch from March 15 2018
« on: March 25, 2018, 10:04:11 AM »
Did everything I red on this thread but still it's not working. ??? :'(

troubleshoot compatibility for aero.exe, setup.exe and play aero.exe, and set them all to be compatible with windows xp service pack 3.. run setup as admin it should display the resolutions properly.. then run play aero as admin to allow successful patch.. aero.exe should run fine after this

Ragnarok Announcement / Re: Required Patch from March 15 2018
« on: March 24, 2018, 06:07:05 PM »
GM basher why is it that there is always a error i already download the main and mini installer but still nid gepard.rar error or gepardfixhiding.rar
Can you please help me to fix it

run patcher as admin

Ragnarok Announcement / Re: Server is back!
« on: May 03, 2014, 09:39:31 AM »
I'd like to get my gears on. Sadly, I don't have any left. When a supposed friend (Vladimir Castro) lied and stole my items, after milking precious knowledge of the game from yours truly, I dropped everything I have left on the floor; of course, another friend a bit more trustworthy one was there to loot it all. I failed in this game after failing the most important rule of any ragnarok online game.... trust no one.

Ragnarok Announcement / Re: aeRO New Patch
« on: June 02, 2013, 05:07:59 AM »
GM pa help nmn now i know the problem bkit lagi nag cacrash  RO ko nag try ako create ng bagong account hnd nag cacrash so accout ko ung may problema??plz wla ako balak mag palit ng account syng points and voting points ko plzz pa help nmn expecting your response :(

What server are you playing on?

@all - For those aeRO Elites who are using PUTTY, simply use the fox 1 server because Lion 1 doesn't seem to work.


By any chance, are you working on an aeRO shield patch for windows xp OS? Assuming you already know that aeRO shield cannot detect macro programs when it is ran using a different account user on WinXP. I am not complaining at all. I am not saying that it is unfair for those using OS's that cannot use macro. I am not saying that all XP users use macro in this game, but I did mention it. The point is if some players can use it freely even if you say it is blocked, then there is no point to wasting time and resources trying to block it. I hate to admit it but more players will actually be interested in this server if macro is allowed.

If all else fails and you still want to keep aeRO shield, to prevent abuse, it would be better to bring back the time gap.

P.S. I did play woe last saturday and I just cannot get over the insane fast estun esma spams that hit me, I mean /q1 on woe doesn't work the same way it does on pvp maps. It is just mind boggling that a damage output 300k esma(30k per hit) could wipe out an hp of 3m in a second, that's 10 esma spams in a second or so. I am not complaining just because I died as I am aware that there are a lot of players who are already so much stronger, talented and gifted than I could ever wish to be. I like the game before because it is quite challenging and fun to go toe to toe against incredibly talented players and win, but there comes a time when the challenge is just too much that even if I pretty much know how everything works in this game, I cannot react fast enough to save myself from that kind of spam. It kind of kills the game. Well, abuse always kills the game.  :P End question? would I change my OS just so that I could use macro as well just to get even with another macro user? Answer: for aeRO? nah, thanks!

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