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Author Topic: Affordable Right Backs to Consider for FIFA 23 Career Mode: MMOexp's Picks  (Read 37 times)

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In FIFA 23's Career Mode, here are the most budget-friendly right backs you can sign for your team.

Full backs play a crucial role in formations with four defenders, and in FIFA 23, where four-at-the-back setups offer great flexibility, most players prefer these formations. If you choose such a formation FIFA 23 Coins, the right back position becomes vital for your team's defense and attacking play on the right flank.

FIFA 23: Best Centre Midfielders Under €1 Million To Sign In Career Mode

While players like Trent Alexander-Arnold and Reece James are excellent options for the right back position, they can be quite expensive and are more suitable for rebuilding top clubs. When managing smaller clubs, it's essential to find affordable alternatives with potential for development. Here are the best cost-effective right backs in FIFA 23's Career Mode.

The stats and ratings provided below are based on the August squad update in FIFA 23.

Kaine Kesler-Hayden, Aston Villa
Kaine Kesler-Hayden from Aston Villa shows great promise for the future and is on track to become an excellent player. With loan moves to his credit, he possesses the potential to develop into a superstar.

Kaine Kesler-Hayden has an overall rating of 65 and a potential of 81 in FIFA 23's Career Mode. Considering a limited budget for a right back, signing him would be a wise choice.

Youri Regeer, Ajax
Ajax has been known for producing some of the best wonderkids in world football, and Youri Regeer is one of their versatile talents. Although he joined FC Twente in real life for better playing opportunities, you can still find him in Ajax.

Starting with an overall rating of 65, Regeer has a potential of 81 in FIFA 23's Career Mode. He can also be converted into an attacking midfielder, making good use of his passing and dribbling abilities.

Sam Curtis, Saint Patrick's Athletic
Sam Curtis has made a name for himself as one of the finest talents from the Irish league, and he holds the record for the youngest debutant when he played against Athlone Town at the age of 14 in October 2020. Several top clubs are monitoring his progress, and he might soon join a prominent European team if he continues to improve.

Curtis has an overall rating of 61 and a potential of 82. His contract expires in 2024, allowing you to sign him at a discounted price in the second season.

Vinícius Tobías, Real Madrid (Loaned from Shakhtar Donetsk)
Real Madrid secured the loan signing of Vinícius Tobías from Shakhtar Donetsk after the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. He played for Real Madrid's Castilla side, showcasing his considerable potential that attracted the attention of a club like Real Madrid.

In the initial season of Career Mode, Tobías has a rating of 65, and his potential reaches 83. However, you can only attempt to acquire him starting from the second season due to his loan status.

Max Johnston, Motherwell
Max Johnston is the best affordable right back you can purchase. Although EA has assigned him the default position of right wing back, he can easily be converted into a right back.

Starting with an overall rating of 64, this Scottish wonderkid boasts a potential of 84, which is higher than anyone else on this list buy FUT 23 Coins. Johnston's offensive attributes bring a unique dynamic to your backline.