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Author Topic: To optimize your Fighter build  (Read 1747 times)

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To optimize your Fighter build
« on: October 10, 2023, 03:49:49 AM »
In this quick updated guide, we will discuss the Fighter build and the recent Dark And Darker Gold  changes that have impacted gear choices and playstyle. While there isn't a significant amount of new information to share, we will focus on specific stats and gear recommendations for optimal performance. If you are looking for more detailed information on perk choices and other aspects of Fighter, I recommend referring to my previous guides. So let's dive into the updated details!

Gear Updates:

Following a recent patch, there have been a few nerfs and adjustments to certain gear items. The heavy leather legs, for example, now provide Max Health scaling instead of flat strength. While they still offer the HP bonus, the lack of strength is a significant drawback. Additionally, the armor rating has been slightly decreased, and the movement speed penalty has been increased. This makes the heavy leather legs less desirable compared to plate legs, which have a lower movement speed penalty and higher armor rating.

However, one notable gear choice is the Chappelle defer, which provides a considerable amount of stats, particularly agility. Despite sacrificing some armor rating and headshot damage reduction, the added agility is valuable, making it a recommended choice for the Fighter build.

Stats and Gear Recommendations:

To optimize your Fighter build, focus on stacking agility and strength. Aim to wear agility-based jewelry and an agility cape to increase your agility stat. The high agility stat is crucial to maintaining high movement speed, which is essential for a Fighter. Additionally, consider stacking strength to increase your overall damage output.

When it comes to shields, the round shield is generally recommended due to its lower movement speed penalty and comparable armor rating to other shields. The recent changes have made most shields have similar armor ratings, making the round shield a versatile and practical choice.

Stat Prioritization:

Ideally, aim for gear with plus all and plus agility stats. However, if obtaining plus all cheap Darker Gold  stats is challenging, you can opt for double stat rolls, such as three strength and three agility or two strength and two agility. While your overall stats may be slightly lower without plus all rolls, it won't significantly impact your performance.

Fighter Playstyle:

Playing as a Fighter requires caution and strategic maneuvers. While the Fighter build is still viable, it's important to be mindful of its limitations. Engaging in direct combat with War Mages can be risky, as they can counter your attacks if they know how to hilt block effectively. Hilt blocking involves using your shield's hilt to cancel their attack while maintaining your guard.

Explosive bottles can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. They are particularly effective against buffed opponents and can hinder their progress, especially when pushing through tight spaces. Utilizing these bottles can provide you with a tactical advantage in various situations.

Secondary Weapon Choice:

For your secondary weapon, the crossbow remains a popular choice. Its versatility and ability to deal ranged damage make it a reliable backup weapon. However, keep in mind that your overall physical damage reduction (PDR) might be lower with this build. Adjust your playstyle accordingly and avoid recklessly rushing into combat.

While the Fighter build has undergone some changes, specifically in gear choices, agility remains a vital stat to prioritize. The Chappelle defer is a recommended gear piece, offering substantial stats at the cost of some armor rating and headshot damage reduction. Remember to focus on agility and strength, and consider using explosive bottles strategically. By adjusting your playstyle and making informed gear choices, you can excel as a Fighter in combat.