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Mayaan / Mayaan WoE Agit King 2020 Updates
« on: September 29, 2019, 10:03:03 AM »
Updated Result: 10/10 defense; Prize: [Admin] Ba$her's Choice of A super rare head gear.
Essence held by Ninja Guild | Guild Master: ykcuL

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Essence Castle conquered by  Joker  Guild
Guild Master: # G i g a b y t e

0/10: 29th of September
1/10: 6th of October
2/10: 13th of October
3/10: 20th of October
4/10: 27th of October
5/10: 3rd of November
6/10: 10th of November
7/10: 17th of November
8/10: 24th of November

on the 1st of December, the G Force Guild Conquered the Essence Castle.

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Essence Castle conquered by  G Force  Guild
Guild Master: yaphets Champion v2

0/10: 1st of December
1/10: 8th of December

on the 15th of December, the EZ ASAR Guild conquered the Essence castle.

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Essence Castle conquered by  EZ ASAR  Guild
Guild Master: P o t i o n

0/10: 15th of December

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Essence Castle conquered by the  Apocalypse  Guild.
Guild Master: Troll

0/10: 15th of March
1/10: 22nd of March
2/10: 29th of March

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Essence Castle conquered by the  Alliance  Guild.
Guild Master: Troll

0/10:  12th of April
1/10:  19th of April
2/10:  26th of April
3/10:  3rd of May
4/10:  10th of May
5/10:  17th of May
6/10:  24th of May

31st of May, the Sad Boys Guild Conquered the Essence Castle.

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Essence Castle conquered by the  Sad Boys  Guild.
Guild Master: #1

0/10: 31st of May

7th of June, the Ninja Guild Conquered the Essence Castle.

Essence Castle conquered by the  Ninja  Guild.
Guild Master: ykcuL

0/10:  7th of June
1/10:  14th of June
2/10:  21st of June
3/10:  28th of June
4/10:  5th of July
5/10:  12th of July
6/10:  19th of July
7/10:  26th of July
8/10:  2nd of August
9/10:  9th of August
10/10: 16th of August



• When you hold the castle for the first time (conquer), your score is 0. Next WOE, if you defend it until the end, your score is 1. then 2 and so on.
if the Guild holder fails to defend it, the count will reset to 0. to Win, you need to mark Ten (10) Defenses.

• Each member of the guild should kill any opposing guilds. This includes any characters that are not a member of their guild.

• Guilds are prohibited to change Guild Master during the on going Agit King.

• It is also prohibited for Guild Masters to;
  1. Change Guild Emblem
  2. Change the Guild Emblem to BLANK.
  3. Copy the Opposing Guild’s Emblem.

• If the Guild fails to comply on these rules. It will cost your hard earned Defense scores to be Reset to 0.

Ragnarok Announcement / New Quest (Mayaan)
« on: March 23, 2019, 05:42:10 AM »
Hello there!

We have a New Quest Wing for Mayaan Server.
This New Wing can be worn by any jobs, but the Stats and Attributes will only take effect when worn by Expanded Classes which are;

• Star Gladiator
• Gunslinger
• Ninja
• Soul Linker

We've made it like this to encourage players to try and play the said Classes. Other Quest items will be on the way too.

PS: *Ninja's HP Boost was RESET to Normal since this New Quest Wing will give you additional 30% HP.*

You can make this New Quest Wing @ Askydun with the NPC named "Fairy". Same NPC where you make Crimson Red Arch Angel Wing & Aristocratic Arch Angel Wing.

Name: Evolve Ornamental Angel Wing [1]

Requirements are;
• 1x Aristocratic Arch Angel Wing
• 1x Crimson Red Arch Angel Wing
• 5x aeRO Coin
• 100x Voting Credits

Here are Some Screenshots for you guys.

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