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Eternal / Eternal Reborn(Update Recommendations)
« on: February 25, 2018, 09:11:12 PM »
Most of the veteran players in eternal knows that one of the main reasons they left the server is lack of update and eternal as it is, this server only cater to players that likes low rate.Due to this most of the new player that reach endgame gets bored because to be honest we don't have have that much stuff to do after that. We do have daily events but that event is also available in other servers such as mayaan and turbo so why play eternal at all? this server kinda don't have its own "identity" and thats the problem the server have. tbh, eternal is a great server and we just need to make more popular so that players will come and play in it and stay playing. I got couple of ideas of simple improvement that would help.

  • Add some of the custom equips and quest from turbo to eternal
  • Improve PVP by adding Battle Ground equips to pvp points shop -- this is one of the idea that we talked about with the previous GM of eternal, most players in the past actually do BG events in the vanilla game.Though its hard doing it because we have to do it the vanilla way, we still do it, because its fun!! :)
  • Implement some sort of mission system npc, doesnt have to be complicated quest ie. fetch quest, kill quest to earn some zeny or get rewarded with items to be used on some of the custom items in game

This are only few suggestions that i have, if you have more please add them. We love eternal server, we had some good memories playing in it and we want other new players to create their own and experience it too. ;)

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