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Title: Server Update 2020/06/11
Post by: [Admin] Ba$her on June 11, 2020, 01:00:32 AM

Turbo Server
- Added Warper in PvP
- Fix Red Ether Bag Item. Added missing Volcano level 3 bonus.
- Added Bot Check for the last map for Clock Towers Level 3
- Changed Aldebaran WoE for babies to just 1 Agit at a time.
- Fix Baby Warps from WoE Info NPC and via Warper. Change it to random coordinates for Aldebaran

Mayaan Server
- Added condense white potion to the Tool Dealer in Mayaan
- Change requirements for Brynhild in Mayaan. Make it a little easier.
- Nerf Pandemic in Mayaan
Title: Re: Server Update 2020/06/11
Post by: cath8268 on June 11, 2020, 04:27:21 AM
Correct me If Im wrong
The Pandemic now is
One handed Spear Weight ?? attack ??
Spiral Pierce Damage increase 1% for ea level exceeding 200 of the user
Meaning If your 255 the additional damage of spiral pierce is 55% and 265 is 65%
removed +100 hit bonus
lowered Acid Breath trigger rate to 10% from 25% when using Spiral Pierce skill
Card Slot Still 3 slot?