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Ragnarok Announcement / New Quest (Mayaan)
« on: March 23, 2019, 05:42:10 AM »
Hello there!

We have a New Quest Wing for Mayaan Server.
This New Wing can be worn by any jobs, but the Stats and Attributes will only take effect when worn by Expanded Classes which are;

Star Gladiator
Soul Linker

We've made it like this to encourage players to try and play the said Classes. Other Quest items will be on the way too.

PS: *Ninja's HP Boost was RESET to Normal since this New Quest Wing will give you additional 30% HP.*

You can make this New Quest Wing @ Askydun with the NPC named "Fairy". Same NPC where you make Crimson Red Arch Angel Wing & Aristocratic Arch Angel Wing.

Name: Evolve Ornamental Angel Wing [1]

Requirements are;
1x Aristocratic Arch Angel Wing
1x Crimson Red Arch Angel Wing
5x aeRO Coin
100x Voting Credits

Here are Some Screenshots for you guys.

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