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Mayaan / Mayaan Agit King Score
« on: November 21, 2017, 08:24:27 AM »
Updated Result: 0/10 defense; Prize: TBD
Kriemhild held by AeroGamers & Leader is Mafia Community

Kriemhild was conquered by  AeroGamers  Guild
Guild Master: Mafia Community

0/10: 18th of November

Previous Winners:

Winner: KraaM
Guild: E c l i p s e
Date: 11th of November 2017
Score: 10/10

Winner: *m a c j h a m s
Guild: E u r e k a n S
Date: 26th of August 2017
Score: 7/7

Winner: iii Nap iii
Guild: Art of Sixth Sense
Date: 1st of July 2017
Score 7/7

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