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Author Topic: Turbo WoE Agit King 2019 Updates  (Read 162 times)

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Turbo WoE Agit King 2019 Updates
« on: September 28, 2019, 10:30:27 AM »
Updated Result: 1/10 defense; Prize: [Admin] Ba$her's Choice of A super rare head gear
Phoenix held by a e R O Guild | Guild Master: ae Allan

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Phoenix Castle was conquered by  Steel Body  Guild
Guild Master: Death Stalker Krieg

0/10: 28th of September
5th of October - Castle Conquered by the a e R O Guild.

Phoenix Castle was conquered by  a e R O  Guild
Guild Master: ae Allan

0/10: 5th of October
1/10: 12th of October



• When you hold the castle for the first time (conquer), your score is 0. Next WOE, if you defend it until the end, your score is 1. then 2 and so on.
if the Guild holder fails to defend it, the count will reset to 0. to Win, you need to mark Ten (10) Defenses.

• Guilds are prohibited to change Guild Master during the on going Agit King.

• It is also prohibited for Guild Masters to;
  1. Change Guild Emblem
  2. Change the Guild Emblem to BLANK.
  3. Copy the Opposing Guild’s Emblem.

• If the Guild fails to comply on these rules. It will cost your hard earned Defense scores to be Reset to 0.
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