Server Staff

The administrators are the core member of the staff who are in charge of almost everything in the server. Their work includes managing the servers, and work in many ways to improve aeRO. They have the highest-level access in game.

Cinque Terre

[GM] Ba$her

Was the first guy to register in game and in forum :3 because of aeRO, I became a programmer.

Game Masters
The game masters (GMs) are the member of staff who are in charge of helping players and enforcing the server rules. GMs are allowed to have their own normal accounts. Their power is limited to tasks that don't require handling confidential information, such as replying to support tickets, forums, provide assistance in game and answer player's question. Also, the Game Masters hold events and some helps with the development process by testing new features, find bugs, and test new quest items.

Cinque Terre

[ST] Chim
Game Master

To be discussed.

aeRO have two different servers to offer.

  • Base Exp Rate: 10k
  • Job Exp Rate: 10k
  • Drop Rate: (Equipment)10k (Cards)10k
  • Drop Rate MVP: (Equipment)5k (Cards)4k
  • 2nd Job Only
  • Max Level: 999 Max Job: 1st/70 2nd/80
  • Max Stats: 500
  • Base EXP: 10k
  • Job EXP: 10k
  • Drops: 10k(10000x/100%)
  • Party Share Range: 55

  • Base Exp Rate: 2000x
  • Job Exp Rate: 2000x
  • Drop Rate: (Equipment)1000x (Cards)1000x
  • Drop Rate MVP: (Equipment)1000x (Cards)1000x
  • 2nd Job Only
  • Max Level: 265 Max Job: 1st/70 2nd/80
  • Max Stats: 99
  • Base EXP: 2000x
  • Job EXP: 2000x
  • Drops: 1000x(2000x/20%)
  • Party Share Range: 55

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Special Features
  • WoR - War Of Rune
  • LMS - Last Man Standing
  • Dice - Dice Event