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Category: Healing Items

Buster Sword

A long and heavy sword once weilded
by a mercenary, whose abilities are said to still linger within the sword.
Dex-10, Hit-20, Pierces Defense of
opponent, Enables the power to change
weapon element, 35% chance to double
attack, Autocast Meteor Storm lvl 7 upon attacking.

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Lich's Bone Wand

A staff created with a skull of a powerful Lich.
The curse eminating from this staff will
threaten to all those who dare to
threaten the wielder of this staff.
MATK + 20%, INT + 1, DEX + 1

Whenever you take a Physical Damage, small
chance to cause Curse status ailment to
every enemies in the screen. This chance
is increased depending on the refinement rate of this weapon.
[Refine Rate 9~10]
You will receive bonus MATK + 3%,
Maximum SP + 300.

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