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Items in this shop are purchased using donation credits and not real money. Donation Credits are rewarded to players who make a donation to our server, helping us cover the costs of maintaining and running the server.

Custom Rare Headgear Request

Do you want to have your own requested rare hat? It costs 200 DCP, please email us at to make sure you are the first one to have your requested hat.

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Category: Miscellaneous

Proof of Donation

Quantity: 4

Donation card used to upgrade
any items to +10

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Gym Pass

Need more weight? not satisfy with your berries? this is what you looking for!
A membership card at a training
facility that helps you increase your strength.
This card will grant you an one
time access to training, just show
it to the trainer NPC.
A visit will increase your skill
level by 1 boosting your weight
capacity by 200 per level,
To a maximum of level 10. Increase
Carrying Weight skill has 10
levels, and once learned,
It is permanent. However, it is
reset once you transcend. After you transcend,
Re-visit the NPC that teaches this
ability to learn this back for free
at the level you had
Before you transcended. You can level this one at a time.

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aeRO Diamond

Quantity: 11

aeRO Diamond
Use to make a very very very strong weapon with elements via donation donkey in Prontera.
A beautiful diamond renowned as a material with
superlative physical qualities. Strong
covalent bonding between its atoms.

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Donation Ticket

Allows you to trade Donation Credit Points in game.

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