Evil Chii Ears

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Evil Chii Ears

"An advanced set of Chii Ears. They offer greater power and flexibility"


Item Description

  • Effect: +3 INT, +1 DEX, +5 DEF and 1 slotted.
  • Class: Middle Headgear
  • Weight: 10.
  • Defense: 1.
  • Applicable jobs: Every Job.

How to obtain this item

  • This can be obtainable through Quest
  • Talk to Roki located at Payon Cave F4 (pay_dun03) 55, 215, 3 and he will ask you to if you're interested to do the quest.


Quest Requirements

1x Chii Ears

1x Morpheus Hood

10x Evil Wing

1x Spiritual Ring

1x Goibne's Helm

300x Little Evil Horn

  • You can use RateMyServer to search the following requirements for the quest.