Evil Chii Ears

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Evil Chii Ears

"An advanced set of Chii Ears. They offer greater power and flexibility"


Item Description

  • Effect: +3 INT, +1 DEX, +5 DEF and 1 slotted.
  • Class: Middle Headgear
  • Weight: 10.
  • Defense: 1.
  • Applicable jobs: Every Job.

How to obtain this item

  • This can be obtainable through Quest
  • Talk to Roki located at Payon Cave F4 (pay_dun03) 55, 215, 3 and he will ask you to if you're interested to do the quest.


Quest Requirements

1x Chii Ears

5126.gif 1x Morpheus Hood

File:2255.gif 10x Evil Wing

File:2677.gif 1x Spiritual Ring

5128.gif 1x Goibne's Helm

1038.gif 300x Little Evil Horn

  • You can use RateMyServer to search the following requirements for the quest.