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What is a Gym Pass Ticket.gif?

"A Gym Pass basically enables you to be gain access in a gym'. Need more weight? not satisfied with your berries? this is what you looking for! A membership card at a training facility that helps you increase your strength. This card will grant you a one time access to training, just show it to the trainer NPC. "

"People aren't as physically active as they used to be. Even if you fight for a living, your body is weak and flabby in some areas. Train with me and I can guarantee that you'll be able to live or carry more of your stuff -Ripped Cabus"


Item Description

  • Effect: Increase your skill level by 1 boosting your weight capacity by 200 per level, To a maximum of level 10. Increase Carrying Weight skill has 10 levels, and once learned, It is permanent. However, it is reset once you transcend. You can level this one at a time.
  • Weight: 1
  • Server Availability: Mayaan and Turbo Server

How to obtain this item

  • This can be obtained by item purchase at the aeRO Shop or through purchase from other players in-game. Note that a level 10 Ticket.gif Gym pass will cost 20 DCP.


How to use this item

  • Talk to NPC Ripped Cabus located at Payon Town(payon) 173, 141 and try to talk to him, tell him you want to train with him.
  • One Ticket.gif Gym Pass is equivalent to one level or +200 added weight. Bring 10 Gym Pass to NPC Ripped Cabus and obtain a maximum of level 10 or 2000 additional weight.


How to view the effect

  • You can check or monitor your current weight and also the added weight from the Ticket.gif Gym Pass in the Basic Info.