Face of Death Quest

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Face of Death

Makes other fear in your wake... and as if you stare into their soul. Grants use of level 1 Soul Burn.

[+Hood of Death]

+20 Agi

-20 Int

+15% Damage Critical Hits

Small Chance of using coma on enemy. However if you ASPD reacher 196 or higher, the chance to coma is removed

Class : Headgear

Face of death.png

Face Of Death NPC



Whitesmith card.gif 3x Dark Lord Card

Skel.gif 666x Skel Bone

Deadbranch.gif 100x Dead Branch

Whitesmith card.gif 5x Soldier Skeleton Card

Goddess.gif 2x Goddess of Fortune's Cursed Brooch

Crescent.gif 10x Cresent Scythe

Hood.gif 3x Hood[1]

Mask.gif 1x Assassin Mask [Acquired from OVB]

Darkmask.gif 200x Dark Mask

Location: Poring Market(poring_w02) : 100, 41